IMG_1866What’s in the boat

she asked

He could not/would not/ answer

He was not ready to reveal

The secrets in the hold


But when the time was right

One night, she said

“Ok then…tell, so tell me”

And then the story opened

And the song began

Along the coastline

And beyond the edges

Of the trees…..


And let the new dance inside you

Breathe out and take a ride

Then breathe in and …. slide

And let what’s there behind you

Surprise you

So step back and do the step aside

Then let what’s here inside you

Do the step aside and then…

We’re ready to rise/  ready to begin

So let the new dance weave and spin

And let the young dancers ride on in

On the outgoing wave

And if you want to join in

Be brave and slide on in

and do the step aside

O yes  come on in and do the step aside

and surprise/ you /will shine/ you will /ride on /in

on the step /aside/and shine

that’s you that’s you

On the once and ever surprise

of the rise and fall

of the wave

That’s you

That’s beautiful you


It’s you

My dearests

And demons

I mention explicitly

And with-

out regret….

Going backward

To gain a small step

Toward the light

And into dark

Toward the dark

And into the light

What do we know now

We did not know


The heart of the matter


On the roof of the sky

We only go by

We only go by


Finding the End


the beginning

finds all the way around

finds the torn town

when you have no more hope

When all you have / is the ragged rope

and all the voices say nope

what you do and do not do

in this place of despair and no more air

gives way to something like a dance

Or a bounce or a little bit like joy…




From Here One World

I look up to my highest window see US Flag torn raggedy

Hanging sad anger floats raw in the jim crow air

Unarmed black man shot 8 times in the back

From Here to Aleppo To  North Charleston South Carolina

Denmark Vesey ready for another down home invasion

Charleston north under siege the air is full with the pungeant

Smell of rain and grief and M’ Dave my partner feeling bad

No relief/ beyond our best belief/what

To do/no answer from here

No answer in the air……





At A Certain Moment

At a certain moment

By no one’s clock

The child can not still tell time

The scarlet bird stops its innocent play

And turns without warning into

The city’s bomb.

What can the child do but scream

But hide inside a silver hut

Where he sees out where no one sees in

Where the dream is a dream of petals falling off

Of faces cracked and howling

Of blood in the gutter

Of mothers and fathers hunting

For recognizabel remnants among rubble

Of the body the human body

Doing a charred unnatural dance


–for Paolo

The Small Box

In the small box I place

my discernment,my scent, my ease,

My dis/ease, my documents, my pass/words,

My remainders, my reminders, my pass/port

My infinite and finite initiatives,

my skills,  my worshipful silence,

My bragadoccio, my blog, my blabber/mouth,

My blarney, my slumbering fractious soul,

my recalcitrant shadow, my fools/cap

My hidden remains, my fuck/ups, my left/overs

My dust/balls, my lovers’ curiosity,

the miles I have travelled again

and going further, recklessly

considered and carefully placed in the small box, as I do

After all is done and said

I do. I do, I do it for the miles.

(after Vasco Popa)





I want to move across

I want to cross over

I want to take the trans

I want to take a chance

On the trans

But I’m confused

Don’t know what to choose

Do I need a transfer

Do I have a charlie card

Do i keep on travelling

till the end of time

Is the train on time

Is there a snow storm

Is there a hurricane

Is the trans derailed

Has the train failed

I’m confused

Don’t know what to choose

If you were me

If I was you

What would you do/what would I do

Till the end of the line

Please advise/please advise












Transitory Trans/story


Trans/send transcend

Trans/fender bender

Trans Take the trans


I wanna move across

I wanna cross over

I’m confused

Don’t know what to choose




We were going to the big desert

They said I would love it and I believed it

It was raining in San Diego everyone blesses the rain

In San Diego the rain brings grateful tears

I was in the backseat enjoying the ride

Like a five year old with her parents

Heading up the mountain past Ramona to the desert

And all of a sudden the car started doing crazed

outta control slip-sliding contortions  across the highway in zig zags

i woke  up  the five year old

Day dream… damn what the hell is wrong

what’s wrong with the car   black ice

Awe/fullllll  skids and slick  glare no good brakes

Happening so fast and up the road we see it

An enormous 18 wheeler truck monster looming toward us

Wes  went into the skid and got the buick around and righted

Just in time and all i can think of today

Back in the snow and ice and 12 feet snow banks

And shelter of boston  safely home with  m’ dave…is

….don white’s song………………..”It’s a great day to not be dead

…doo wha… doo wha “