Blackbird I all ways

Loved you. Wherever you chose

To fly. Now call home…


Faraway is all

Ways faraway where ever

You choose to fly.

Now stay home.

Let the winds and storms

Swirl up on your porch.

Let the sea water

Foam and foment

Let the tides scallop and gallop.

Nothing skips a beat.

Love each other each day.

That’s  all we have. For now.

Even when the weather packs

A wicked wallop.


Out on the high

Way hitching

To nirvana

Ginger and curry

Pasted on my open



I wake up

In San Diego

The desert rolls up

To the street curb

In a gold limo

You step out like a star

Meanwhile the parakeets

Are parked in the palm trees

In front of Von’s


They wave

A gold-blue salute

Then disappear

Into the flat blank

California sky

PS I am here on the left

Coast and you back east

on the right coast

Up to the hilt

In snow

Say hello!

HAP n’ LONE(sung to any country tune you please)

I once thought Happy

Ridiculous….didn’t know

How happy I was


Till Hap rode into

The sunset on a speckled

Pony. I was left with


Lonely. Didn’t know

Lone wanted to rent my one

N only stable


Then Hap beat it back

Into my life…wanted to

Occupy my home


No vacancy sign

Hung over my bare table

Now I’m all alone


(And that’s the sad and pitiful

Story of Hap…and Lone)


When I first came here

When I first came here

I found my future free-falling

Out of a blank sky no moon

Oblivion covering me like a tarp.

Till, still slumbering and somehow lapsed….

I slapped down and wised up

To the plausible earth

Rising up to late for my rescue

Revealing our true impartial partnership

Like a well-used map

Like a  time-worn trap

Lovers/Lovers/ Lovers in the free-fall now…