The Small Box

In the small box I place

my discernment,my scent, my ease,

My dis/ease, my documents, my pass/words,

My remainders, my reminders, my pass/port

My infinite and finite initiatives,

my skills,  my worshipful silence,

My bragadoccio, my blog, my blabber/mouth,

My blarney, my slumbering fractious soul,

my recalcitrant shadow, my fools/cap

My hidden remains, my fuck/ups, my left/overs

My dust/balls, my lovers’ curiosity,

the miles I have travelled again

and going further, recklessly

considered and carefully placed in the small box, as I do

After all is done and said

I do. I do, I do it for the miles.

(after Vasco Popa)