I see my old red house


Smack dab in the middle of town

The old red house

Where we lived till I was five

And our baby sister arrived

Three girls/ a mom and dad/

A dog named Amos

Who was run over by Mr Bronson

From the IGA…. blood running down the street

I dug for him at the bottom

Of daddy’s primordial garden

I kept digging


Between two sisters

I learned at an early age

To use my elbows


I see myself

in the middle blindly trying

To find my way back

to Ray Charles

I have loved you and you and you

Since time began

Don’t give me the runaround

Someday I’m gonna pack up

This raggedy sack

And fit all the pieces back

Into the neat puzzle frame

As if someone stranger and wider

Placed it there  all along

With historical references and information

Whispers and well-timed

Whistles to the sentient horses:

The workhorse and the racehorse

Soledad solitary recuerdo

The mold of magic

Ghosting out along the outer banks

Where two together gather

Freedom and fame

Let’s ride together

Near where the roses grow

Let’s name the

Red and white together

Even at night we smell them

Through our lids

A million strong


What else do we have

We do desire them


Do you see me as I see you?




Out on the free/way

He’s singing deep languages

On the long road home


Yeah you can’t miss him

Heaviest dude on haul road

From here to glitten

He glows like a lantern

Yeah he’s doing the fandango

Up from Durango


Above the free/way

Say he’s doing the fandango

Up from Durango


Above the free/way

Say he’s doing the tango

With wings for mittens


Out on the free way

Humming tangled languages

On the long haul home





We learn simply to travel

Everywhere we love


Sideways and forward/backwards /begin

Across the plain/the great divide/ride/ride

Savanna/meadow daisy/tundra /thunder/heart/land/steamy jungle

Scratch of vine/mud slide/torrential rain/across the fragile bridge

Slowly/ slowly/ over and over/outside out/inside/in

Onto the berm/next to the path/jump over /the creek /

Meander the grass/onto the ridge

Small town from the aerial view/ and me/and me and you

And all the dear beloved places/the knife/and all the dear beloved spaces/

Daily life/sudden blaze/loose strife/ the faces/all the dear beloved faces

And you/and you and me/break out of line/cross the border/move into sun

Sudden darkness/run the field/cross the valley/face the breakers/

Swerve careen/ blaze/hold on /let go/ return

Break into gallop/lope/plunge/ stroke/soar

Become the sea and the cannibal shore

Be brave/ be brave/like the salt sea wave/be brave

Like the salt sea wind/licking the shore/

Be brave/ be the wave/the wind/the shore


Everywhere we love

We learn simply to travel



We move with alacrity across

The borders defining us, that contested space between

Your country and mine, refugees confused among

Migrants among refugees pushing forward behind

Multiple war zones and finally diving under-

Ground, defying the gravity pull of the situation not over…..


Did you dare think it was over

On your side or mine, between

Your country or mine, under

The explosives and the blaze, among

Refugees and migrants, sprinting from behind

The barricades in flame, and finally free-falling across


The free fall zone like bloody leaves dropping  across

Porous borders. ” No fence can keep us out” we chant as we over-

Come walls we refuse to hide behind,

Never mind the hot  breath of the pack expanding the space between

You and me, undermining us, as we move among

Human beings confused and suffocating, not under-


Standing the imperative of our own suffering, we move under-

ground and begin to tunnel over-

Land overwhelmed and suffocating , we move as a family among

Your tribe and mine, as we recover the dead and the dragged under,

We try to keep our vision focused between

Your country and mine, as we slip soundlessly across


Borders of the killing field across

memory and time, over-

Taking the treacherous space between

Your country and mine, moving deftly among

Babies and old ones’ outstretched arms and and waiting buses under-

Tear gas and razor wire, cold cement and brutal heat we leave behind


Stranded territories we fear,  behind

Makeshift barricades constructed across

Our old lives and what we thought we  knew: the under-

Goings  of razed neighborhoods and bombed out buildings , and over

On the opposite side of the city: the other side of town among

Dark figures in a cloud of smoke, we dance between


Crazy quilt and chaos crossing endlessly , weaving under

Searchlights carving space between your country and mine, leaving behind

Shredded pamphlets flapping among torn roadmaps we look over……



Blue gold smear of  days
We discuss nothing with gulls
Grow inward and calm

Dreams lap in and out
Between the black scales of night
Strong necks drag huge fish

Beach hibiscus pulse
Frail tissues in summer wind
Water laps, returns



Sidewalk the Moon and the Dog

Two am Paris
We woke and looked out window
Saw scrap of blue moon

Was it an offering
From empty market curving
Across the  dog’s unmuzzled howl

That desolate cry
Craving the steppes’ wilderness
Far from paris trottoir

The sidewalk whispered
Lovely one nameless one…I
Breathe you as you are……





I follow you lost
You  love me lonely
I love you welcome
You wave me home
I love you gold
You follow me going
I love you pregnant
You love me dark
I follow you round
You follow me pageant
I love you harlot
Diva and biker
Science and nasa
Loom and weaver
Love menstrual- tidings
Love riding she dervish
Love moon as it passes
Dark time and doing
Love moon retuning
In tides  returning
I follow you lost
You find me welcome
You bring me news
I  take you home…..

Going In


( inspired by bobbradleyanalogue)


Mask and Dolphin and Ahab
Take me into deep trouble
As I wait in the margins
for the fire tiger

To rise .




The scene expands
Don’t slow the ride
Can you make it


I can’t even make it

It’s exploding  in wide swaths
Of clean-sweep particles

Making a wake
In a wild

ocean ghost- path
Through blue copse

Thorough- bred
At sunrise : elephant
In  red brick

a : surprise:
Thank you.


Entry July 10 2015

July 10 2015

Evaluation Boogie

There is nothing to say
And no way to get inside
This one this clear
One this inside

This outside relation
this first beginner
This surgeon of the possible
This sargeant of the probable
This stranger


Let’s begin and commune
Let’s strike up a tune
Let’s bargain and cajole
Let’s go on the dole.( No.)
Let’s not tarry
Rather let’s marry
(marriage equality)
let’s not be in a hurry
there’s a whole lotta nada
In the sack of the world/
Let’s not waste a bit of it
Let’s not fight… not tonight

Tomorrow will be
More /cutting and pruning

For now I want to find an ending
But first I have to find a good
And a different tuning
It’s all gonna work out

And if not why not
I will dig in
And lay back and chew
Some gum and blow some bubbles
Off into the universe the one verse
While the world turns green
And glows red all at the same time
And after that/ you can expect/ a little trouble-
Making for the wise ones the wild ones
and then…who knows just suppose
So it’s important most essential to develop
Your supple spine than  dollop everything
And we’ll go on the road as a troupe
I’ll leave it to you. You leave it to me.
Trust in the one verse trust in the uni/verse