Entry July 10 2015

July 10 2015

Evaluation Boogie

There is nothing to say
And no way to get inside
This one this clear
One this inside

This outside relation
this first beginner
This surgeon of the possible
This sargeant of the probable
This stranger


Let’s begin and commune
Let’s strike up a tune
Let’s bargain and cajole
Let’s go on the dole.( No.)
Let’s not tarry
Rather let’s marry
(marriage equality)
let’s not be in a hurry
there’s a whole lotta nada
In the sack of the world/
Let’s not waste a bit of it
Let’s not fight… not tonight

Tomorrow will be
More /cutting and pruning

For now I want to find an ending
But first I have to find a good
And a different tuning
It’s all gonna work out

And if not why not
I will dig in
And lay back and chew
Some gum and blow some bubbles
Off into the universe the one verse
While the world turns green
And glows red all at the same time
And after that/ you can expect/ a little trouble-
Making for the wise ones the wild ones
and then…who knows just suppose
So it’s important most essential to develop
Your supple spine than  dollop everything
And we’ll go on the road as a troupe
I’ll leave it to you. You leave it to me.
Trust in the one verse trust in the uni/verse