It’s Snowing I’m Hitching : Dream Sequence 4

Moving toward Flagstaff  I’m out

On the highway I’m hitching

And at night too, when the blurring

Lights hunt me down

I think about you looming

So big and imponderable

LIke a giant hulk


Dave looks up from the dining room table

Where he is doing something on the computer

He has that serious look that slow imponderable gaze and says

I’m looking up Flagstaff Arizona

Why don’t we go there and get out of this damn snow

Let’s go babe let’s go clear across tomorrow

All the way to Flagstaff Arizona


I see you America

I see you when Rozi

from Albania appears

Wrapped in your flag and singing

Oh Holy Nigh at the Walnut st cafe


or when Etheridge ambles in

from his corner on 4th and Martindale

and says no black man

can ever be a citizen can ever be president

so what the fuck, and I see you america

in my swamp yankee Dad

Who believed that any one could do any thing

aka any white man

if he worked hard enough no problem no prison

and I hear you when Woody Guthrie

Sings home the deportees and I hear you

On Sunday when the Somali women

Chant up a righteous storm in the storefront church

Right next to the Flag Pharmacy run by Russians

and now I am stuck in the Milwaukee Airport and it’s snowing

It’s been snowing all night and there’s a second hand book store

Here in the airport I’m happy

And now I am in Allston at a party of sex workers

All women and one Cuban pimp in wingtip shoes

and they’re scooping white powder up from a candy bowl

I’m leaving and Maria is crying her mascara is smearing

And I am right on time

waiting like Ferlinghetti

for a rebirth of wonder will I  stay

Or go far away

All night  it is snowing it keeps on

Snowing it will snow forever

I look up to my highest window

And I see you america

Tattered but still flying

I look up and look out my high window

And outside I see you waving America  you bitch


Tattered and raggedy and lovely still waving