We were going to the big desert

They said I would love it and I believed it

It was raining in San Diego everyone blesses the rain

In San Diego the rain brings grateful tears

I was in the backseat enjoying the ride

Like a five year old with her parents

Heading up the mountain past Ramona to the desert

And all of a sudden the car started doing crazed

outta control slip-sliding contortions  across the highway in zig zags

i woke  up  the five year old

Day dream… damn what the hell is wrong

what’s wrong with the car   black ice

Awe/fullllll  skids and slick  glare no good brakes

Happening so fast and up the road we see it

An enormous 18 wheeler truck monster looming toward us

Wes  went into the skid and got the buick around and righted

Just in time and all i can think of today

Back in the snow and ice and 12 feet snow banks

And shelter of boston  safely home with  m’ dave…is

….don white’s song………………..”It’s a great day to not be dead

…doo wha… doo wha “