I see my old red house


Smack dab in the middle of town

The old red house

Where we lived till I was five

And our baby sister arrived

Three girls/ a mom and dad/

A dog named Amos

Who was run over by Mr Bronson

From the IGA…. blood running down the street

I dug for him at the bottom

Of daddy’s primordial garden

I kept digging


Between two sisters

I learned at an early age

To use my elbows


I see myself

in the middle blindly trying

To find my way back

to Ray Charles

I have loved you and you and you

Since time began

Don’t give me the runaround

Someday I’m gonna pack up

This raggedy sack

And fit all the pieces back

Into the neat puzzle frame

As if someone stranger and wider

Placed it there  all along

With historical references and information

Whispers and well-timed

Whistles to the sentient horses:

The workhorse and the racehorse

Soledad solitary recuerdo

The mold of magic

Ghosting out along the outer banks

Where two together gather

Freedom and fame

Let’s ride together

Near where the roses grow

Let’s name the

Red and white together

Even at night we smell them

Through our lids

A million strong


What else do we have

We do desire them


Do you see me as I see you?