Swan Lake in Lynn

Last night Dave and I

Mushed over to the Lynn Auditorium

Through 6 feet snow embankments

Up Monroe down Market into city

Hall where it all opened up for us

Behind the plush red velvet curtain

Swan Lake in Lynn! Black and White flutter-

Swan-dream- creatures court jester evil sorcerer

Enchanted lovers resplendant lush ensembles deux trois quatre

Romance death- strifed fate-mad  star- crossed embrace

Dave and I entranced amidst an audience murmur of Russian and Lynn

Argot and exotic women in tightly fit over the knee black leather high heel

Boots and sensuous furry garments  with tiny waists and big skirts

We bathe in a a snowy swath of swans we open our arms to the whole

Swanly affair and I remember my nine year old dancing self

When my ma took me to see the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo

at the Bushnell Memorial in Hartford Connecticut

and the red curtain opened and parted

like the first red sea and…

I saw Alexandra Danilova prima ballerina

And her troupe of enchantment

And went backstage afterward with Ma

And all I remember  from here is she took off

Her eyelashes and put them in a jar and kissed me

and for months after that I  kissed each night

her autographed photo and I knew

I knew what it meant to be in the magic zone

and now at my austere and snowy age

I know ah oui… je connais encore

Signing off respectfully… e/liz: jazz poet of lynn